live bidder network is part of a technology platform providing easy access for bidders to auctions worldwide.
live bidder network allows bidders to have a single account (a single username and password) to be able to securely access and bid in auctions found at a network of different auction & auctioneer websites.

The idea being that auctioneers who want to bring their auctions online can utilize our online auction technology to easily and quickly make their auction business accessible via the internet (interested auctioneers can go to for more information).
Once an auctioneer is using our technology bidders who are part of our live bidder network can immediately access those new auctions without the user needing to create a new account for each auction website.

live bidder network makes life simpler for the bidder, as multiple accounts aren’t needed and bidders can manage their information more effectively and securely.

Using the live bidder network is free, bidders can create an account and browse auctions freely.
When a bidder wins items in an online auction they are required to pay the auctioneer for those items appropriately.

Thank you for your interest in the live bidder network, we hope you enjoy our service!